Dental Day

gQsRRQ-0c2l3j0WiHmMfA-RbpYPluotGyVLZbrQZORwAnnually, the first Friday in February UNMC holds a Dental Day for our youth across Nebraska. Public Health Solutions has partnered with UNMC to make sure youth, that need dental check-ups, can get services the need for their health and wellbeing.
UNMC’s yearly Dental Day provides an opportunity for uninsured and underinsured children to get free dental work.

PHS is committed to helping children access this free service, Dental Day, by providing transportation for children from the Saline County area. At the event, the children are cared for by Dental Day volunteers. Not only are they seen for dental health issues, but they also participated in games, face painting, met various tooth fairies and tooth decay-fighting super heroes, and kids get to meet the Husker Cheerleaders.

Parents are happy that their children are receiving care. Also, they are impressed by how organized the event runs. PHS takes part in Dental Day to ensure children receive care they may not receive otherwise.Dental Day

Dental Day targets those that are uninsured or underinsured. However, those children with Medicaid are also able to attend if they have difficulty finding a dentist who works locally. For PHS, with our rural counties this is an essential program opportunity.

Everyone attending is able to get educational information on how to best take care of their teeth. The parents are glad that their children are getting dental services. Make your plans for Dental Day 2016, Friday, February 5th.

To participate, parents must complete following the registration form:

Click here for a copy of the English Dental Day 2016 Application

Haga clic aquí para obtener una copia en español de la Aplicación para el Día Dental Infantil

Please contact Public Health Solutions at 402-826-3880 for more information.