CPR/First Aid Classes

Non-Certified Community CPR Training

Public Health Solutions’ Saving Rural Hearts staff and community volunteers from throughout the five-county district offer training attendees simple instructions for:Healthy kids day-2016

  • Recognizing Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Calling 911
  • Performing life-saving hands-only CPR, and
  • Using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Students practice chest compression and AED use on manikins. The training is FREE and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Coach Jenny and AT Micaela Kelso-Otieno Infant CPRTo request or schedule a FREE hands-only CPR and AED training, contact Kate Lange, RN, BSN, at kate@phsneb.org or 402-826-6694.

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Saving Rural Hearts

saving rural hearts1

Saving Rural Hearts (SRH) is a three year federally-funded program whose primary goal is to increase survival rates from cardiac events by increasing bystander intervention with both CPR and an AED. There are multiple elements involved in helping this program be a success. One aspect of SRH is improving the data collection by EMS related to bystander intervention. The program will promote the use the e-NARSIS system to document bystander assistance during any cardiac event they are called to.

SRH will also increase the access to AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) in the five-county district area. A totalHealthy kids day2-2016 of 63 new AEDs will be placed at venues around our district. Each venue will be required to have at least one volunteer certified in CPR, an emergency response plan in place, and a signed placement agreement outlining responsibilities for oversight and maintenance necessary to keep the AED in a “ready-to-use” state. The Saving Rural Hearts program has also created an AED registry that identifies existing AED locations in the district. All AEDs placed through the program are added to the registry.

Educating the public is also an important aspect of the SRH program. Public Health Solutions realizes the importance of increasing public knowledge of the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, and the importance of bystander intervention. SRH will provide the public with information about the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest and how to respond, and provide information about AED locations through signage, websites, media, and the district AED registry. Our goal is to increase the pool of citizens trained in CPR and AED use to 16,000 people through teaching standard CPR classes, 30 Minute Citizen CPR, and Family and Friends CPR Anytime kits.

Infant CPR TrainingFinally, Public Health Solutions’ Saving Rural Hearts program will establish partnerships with EMS, CPR trainers, emergency managers, schools, health care providers, health care facilities, local service groups, law enforcement and the Nebraska Association of Dispatchers. Our partnerships will enable sites to receive CPR training sessions, new AEDs, and help improve the use and quality of dispatch-assisted CPR.

For more information, see the Saving Rural Hearts Brochure or contact Kate Lange at 402-826-6694 or kate@phsneb.org.

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