Safe Kids Coalition

safe kidsCommunity members across all five counties volunteer their time to address the need to reduce unintentional injury impacting our child 0-14 years of age. Public Health Solutions District Health Department serves as the lead agency for the coalition. Our member partners come from over 15 different public and private organizations; including law enforcement, local hospitals, school systems and concerned citizens.

The coalition focuses on six of the leading causes of unintentional injury to children 14 years old and younger:

  • Child passenger safety
  • Child pedestrian and bike safety
  • Fire and burn prevention
  • Water safety
  • Home safety
  • Sports injury prevention
Coalition goals are:
  • To increase community knowledge on preventing unintentional injury of children
  • To identify and modify environmental safety hazards within our community, and
  • To reduce child injuries by initiating and supporting policy development and law enforcement efforts.

Preventable injuries are the #1 killer of our children in the United States.

Every year more than 8,000 families lose child because of a preventable injury. When a child dies the family lives are impacted forever. To make sure you and your family take steps to prevent unintentional injuries and/or deaths visit:

We welcome individuals, organizations, and businesses who share this same passion for keeping children safe. Contact us about opportunities to get involved with Safe Kids.

To volunteer or take part in the Coalition, contact us at Public Health Solutions, 402-826-3880, and we will get you involved. Families matter!