A Time to Heal

a time to heal logoA Time to Heal: A Program for Cancer Survivors

A Time to Heal is a new program for the Public Health Solutions area. It is a 12-week holistic rehabilitation program designed to help individuals regain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health after cancer treatment. The goal of the program is to assist participants in finding a better place emotionally and physically, leaving with stronger feelings of well-being and a greater satisfaction with life.

Who Can Participate?
Men and women who have completed surgery and chemotherapy and/or radiation for a first diagnosis of cancer are encouraged to attend the 12-week program. Each participant is encouraged to bring a family member or friend to come too.

Why Should I Participate?
Everyone attending the 12-week session will receive helpful information about healing, training to build coping skills and an opportunity to share with others who have been through a similar situation. The facilitators are all cancer survivors.

Where is the program available?

Public Health Solutions is currently partnering with Crete Area Medical Center in offering this program. However, plans are underway to partner with other hospitals in the district to increase the availability of the class.

For more information

Contact Jill Kuzelka at 402-826-3880.