Worksite Wellness

Information for Businesses and Worksites

Public Health Solutions (PHS) wants to work with you to make your workplace a healthier environment. The PHS Worksite Wellness Program is looking to help business large and small, have the healthiest employees possible. Healthier employees equals less time missed at work. Alert, productive, and healthy employees, not only benefits you’re business, but there are also insurance and benefit savings for your company.

What We Can Offer! At this time we can offer wellness options 1 or 2 below at no cost. Option 3 would be associated with a small fee.

  1. Option 1: Lunch and Learn – PHS will provide group education within a 30 minute timeframe emphasizing cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle habits. Free colon cancer screening kits will be availcholestech practice.close upable.
  2. Option 2: Individual Health Coaching Sessions – PHS will conduct onsite, individual risk assessments, blood pressure checks and health coaching for interested employees. Pedometers will be available for employees.
  3. Option 3: Health Screenings – PHS will provide cholesterol and diabetes screening and education on site to assess employee risk. PHS will complete screenings with the same individual multiple times to track progress.

If you interested in any of these options please print the following link:Workplace Wellness Initiatives. Fill it out, and send it to the health department. You can also call us for any questions at 402-826-3880.