Healthy Vending

In efforts to increase healthy options through vending and menu selections at employee/public cafeterias in the District, Public Health Solutions looked to further data collection in partnership with Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition (GSC). All participating hospitals and county courthouses, completed an initial nutrition assessment. Of the 11 sites surveyed, six were identified for further assessment based on interest. A second, more extensive assessment was conducted in June 2015, in addition to a site visit (where applicable) to complete the NEMS-V, Nutrition Environment Measure Survey for vending. Data reports were compiled and sent to the following institutions:

  • Gage County Courthouse
  • Fillmore County Courthouse
  • Fillmore County Hospital
  • Saline County Courthouse
  • Crete Area Medical Center
  • Thayer County Health Services

In Year 2, PHS will identify at least two of the six facilities to work with to increase healthy vending and cafeteria selections.

Healthy Food Access- More Fruits and Vegetables

healthy food accessTo increase availability of and access to healthy foods in the community, PHS has partnered with the Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition to conduct a Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS) in grocery stores and convenience stores throughout the five counties in the PHS district to measures consumer access to food options essential to a healthy diet. This data collection and analysis revealed some startling information. According to the NEMS data, 18 out of the 42 surveyed convenience stores carried no healthy food or beverage options. With this information, we are now working to identify and assist key convenience stores interested in increasing their selection of healthy food options.