Board of Health

Each year the Board of Health (BOH) gives direction to the department regarding what work should be done to address community priorities. The board is made up of a county commissioner and a community spirited citizen appointed by the commissioners from each of the five counties. The BOH also has a physician and dentist. Being the administrative authority for the department the BOH governs the affairs of PHS by policy development, community engagement, continuous improvement, and oversight.

Fillmore County

Larry Cerny, President (Bio)
Fillmore Co. Commissioner

Stephanie Knight (Bio)
Fillmore Co. Spirited Person

Gage County

John Hill (Bio)
Gage Co. Commissioner

Dave Norton (Bio)
Gage Co. Spirited Person

Jefferson County

Mark Schoenrock, Treasurer/Secretary (Bio)
Jefferson Co. Commissioner

Christy Lucking (Bio)
Jefferson Co. Spirited Person

Saline County

Janet Henning (No bio submitted)
Saline Co. Commissioner

Judy Henning (Bio)
Saline Co. Spirited Person

JosuƩ GutiƩrrez, MD, Vice President (Bio)
Board Physician

Bruce Kennedy, DDS (Bio)
Board Dentist

Thayer County

Dave Bruning (Bio)
Thayer Co. Commissioner

Tim Pickering (Bio)
Thayer Co. Spirited Person