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Individuals who are unable to register online can call the Nebraska State Vaccine Hotline number: 531-249-1873 or 833-998-2275 to register. 

For more information about the NE State Vaccine Registry, visit their FAQ page here.

La vacuna COVID-19 será gratuita para cualquier residente que la desee. 

El registro para la vacunación se puede completar en el portal estatal.

The PHS Data Dashboard is now live.

Click to view the full dashboard.

To view the current Nebraska COVID-19 Map, visit the Nebraska Data Dashboard.

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Current as of April 30, 2021

The COVID-19 Risk Dials provide a summary of current conditions in the Public Health Solutions District. The guidance for each color incorporates federal and national guidance published by top public health experts and is coupled with specific guidance.

*Please note this is only guidance and does not replace federal, state, or local directed health measures. At-risk and vulnerable populations should take stringent precautions.

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